Our In-House Refinishing Center Has Been Upgraded!

New Services Menu Includes:

Gentle cleaning
Fix hinges and or drawer guides
Repair broken legs or arms
Restore or replace with customer provided hardware


Gentle Cleaning
Re-oil or Re-wax
Stain scratches, dings and touch-up nicks in the finish

Sand, de-gloss, repair surface dings, prime and paint


Strip, sand, re-stain and re-finish
Restore hardware


Use a combination of processes to create an entirely different piece, new to you!

Bring Your Own 

We also refinish your furniture! Update your old furniture with us and save time and money! Breathe new life into pieces you already trasure (and own). We offer pickup and ​​delivery services of your furniture for added convenience for less than our usual delivery fee!

Email us for a free consultation and estimate to refinish your piece.